Multichannel Listing

With our multichannel listing tool for marketplaces, set up your inventory, simplify the way you list and price products, re-list and restock products as needed, launch new products, and have complete control and visibility of your stock. Reach more customers across multiple channels with ease today using our multichannel listing software.

Benefits of our multichannel listing software

Sell across multiple ecommerce marketplaces and channels with our multichannel listing software. Bid adieu to spending hours on end for listing products. Instead, focus on growing your business and run it like a pro.

Multi-Channel Integration

Our multichannel listing tool lets you list your products across all integrated sales channels from a single, centralized interface.

Multi-Variant Products

Manage existing products or create new ones with numerous variants such as color for eBay, Shopify, Jet, and Walmart.

Quick Bulk Updates

Using the bulk editing feature of our multichannel product listing software, you can modify up to 250 product listings at a time easily.

Custom HTML Templates

Create high-converting, professional, mobile-optimized custom HTML for your listing descriptions using our HTML editor or import pre-built HTML templates to gain an edge over your competitors.

SKU Mapping

With variation listings, all variations or options of a product are rolled up into a single listing by our listing tool for marketplaces.

Near Real-Time Updates

You no longer need to log into your sales channel for modifying product title, price, description, and more quickly.

Unlimited listing profiles

For each of your sales channel, you can create an unlimited number of listing profiles with our multichannel listing tool. Create reusable listing templates by using frequently used settings like product conditions, categories, and shipping fees, which will simplify the way you list products and even help save precious time. When you make changes to a template, all the listings with that template applied will get updated automatically, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

Easy and fast product updates

With our multichannel listing tool, you can manage all your listings across multiple channels from a centralized interface. You can use filters to search and find products easily that need updates. Our listing tool for marketplaces lets you quickly modify titles, prices, descriptions, and even add custom features for templates and products. For each product, this multichannel listing tool also lets you set customized shipping features and product descriptions.

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