FBA Management

Unlock your complete sales potential with our inventory management system software that lets you handle multi-channel inventory and fulfillment. Save time and effort while expanding your business with our FBA retail inventory management software.

Benefits of our FBA management software

Selling on a multichannel ecommerce platform indicates a thriving business but it also has its fair share of problems. Our software aims to take the burden off your shoulders when selling across multiple channels and helps you to grow your business.

Multi-Channel Integration

Route your new sales orders automatically or manually to FBA from your integrated sales channels.

Complete Cycle Visibility

Get full control with complete tracking of kits and individual items in transit to your Amazon warehouse with our FBA store inventory software.

Improved International Sales

Integrations are available for Amazon FBA in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, India, Australia, Italy, Spain, and France to help you enjoy improved international sales and happy customers.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Meet customer demands quickly with effective management of multiple warehouses, suppliers and 3PLs by setting rules to split orders and/or prioritizing who receives which specific sales orders.

Product & SKU Mapping

Never miss a sales, and fulfill orders from multiple sales channels by mapping and syncing products with different channel identifiers as a single product.

Impress & Win Customers

Assure customers of stellar packing, delivery, customer service as well as prompt returns of their orders to impress and win their trust on our multichannel ecommerce platform.

Multi-channel order routing

Route your sales orders from multiple shopping carts and marketplaces to FBA automatically for fulfillment, thus saving precious time. Once the products are shipped, eChannelHub will update the tracking details on the integrated sales channel, thus giving your feedback ratings a boost and ensuring your buyers are happy.

Inbound shipment tracking

Any transfer of inventory to FBA initiates sending an electronic notice to Amazon by eChannelHub. We’ll produce printable FBA transfer labels automatically. Since transit stocks – including kits and their individual items, are unlisted automatically on any integrated channel, we ensure you stay away from overselling. eChannelHub automatically completes the transfer and updates the amount of active stock after FBA receives the shipment.

Establish priorities for warehouse

Ensure you never miss a sales and have always products ready to move out of the door by combining FBA, 3PLs, dropship suppliers, and merchant fulfillment options. Prioritize which fulfillment methods and warehouses will manage which specific types of orders at the product level. This level of customization lets us split orders and route it with ease to the correct fulfillment center.

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

Learn more about eChannelHub with a free demo, tailored for your unique retail business.

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Request a Demo

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

Learn more about eChannelHub with a free demo, tailored for your unique retail business

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