Order Management

With our order management system, you can now manage and fulfill orders easily, faster and more efficiently. From tracking your sales orders to third party fulfillment and more, our order management system takes the legwork off your shoulder, thus making you feel relaxed knowing that everything is under control.

Benefits of our order management system

From a centralized sales order management and simpler order processing to faster shipping, our order management system lets you handle it all seamlessly to help you expand your business without the risk of overselling.

Multichannel Integration

Manage sales orders efficiently across numerous sales channels on a multichannel ecommerce platform.

Sales Reporting

With numerous cross-channel ecommerce reporting that let you track your performance, dig into orders and sales volume by channels, get useful insights into inventory, sales, and purchasing, you get all you need to make smarter, data-driven business decisions to help your business grow.

Dropship Automation

Send sales orders to several warehouses and suppliers effortlessly to enjoy hands-off fulfillment.

Simpler And Faster Order Processing

Process an order right from your centralized order screen – from sorting and reallocating, to printing, packaging and more.

Ecommerce API

With our open ecommerce API, build custom integrations for your business in a breeze.

FBA Fulfillment

For faster fulfillment, route your sales orders from various sales channels to Amazon’s warehouses.

Fast-track your shipping

With our order management system, you’ll always have the most accurate and most up-to-date stock levels in hand. You can also track all your processed and pending orders, which are located in a centralized place. This means you can see the items that need to be packaged, shipped, and tracked. You can create customized packing slips and pick lists, allocate shipping providers, inform drop shippers from your centralized warehouse within just a few seconds, and that too without needing to switch screens.

Centralized management for order routing and fulfillment across multiple channels

Every five seconds, our order management system checks for orders. As soon as a purchase is made, all order details are consolidated into a single, centralized dashboard to help you track the same. In tune with your priority settings, the orders are split automatically, if required, and routed to different warehouses for fulfillment, whether that’s to a 3PL, Amazon FBA, or your own warehouse. In case a warehouse has run out of an item, the order gets routed automatically to the subsequent one on your list.

Automated Dropshipping

For hands-off fulfillment, our order management system lets you auto-route orders to dropshippers. You can transfer order feeds through emails with a TXT or CSV attachment and SFTP/FTP. eChannelHub will import order details from your sales channel and send them to your suppliers. In the event of your dropshipper being sold out, your order will get routed to its next prioritized fulfillment provider. We’ll subsequently update the sales channel with tracking information.

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

Learn more about eChannelHub with a free demo, tailored for your unique retail business.

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Request a Demo

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

Learn more about eChannelHub with a free demo, tailored for your unique retail business

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