Shipping orders quickly and efficiently

Sync Orders

Orders ready to be shipped are automatically passed from eChannelHub into ShipStation.

Centralized Management

With our order management system, manage orders and generate as well as print shipping labels from a centralized interface effortlessly and speedily.

Tracking Info

Shipment information (carrier, ship date, tracking number) is automatically passed back to eChannelHub.

Order Fulfillment

eChannelHub automatically sends the shipment information back to the channel which was the point of origin of the order.

integration details



This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your QuickBooks account with eChannelHub

Once fully integrated, eChannelHub provides the ability to:

  • Automatically sync All Your Ecommerce Data to QuickBooks.
  • Automatically export orders into QuickBooks.
  • Record item quantity and prices, shipping, and taxes.
  • Automatically update inventory in QuickBooks for cancelled or refunded orders.
  • Track your financial reports across your entire multichannel business.
  • Always keep your QuickBooks accurate by seamlessly syncing it with your eChannelHub account.
  • We provide fully secured Data Transfer.

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

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