Mel Stark

I was drowning and echannelhub didn’t just throw me a life vest, they brought a yacht

I started out selling our handmade soy candles on Ebay, and as I expanded into other ecommerce markets. I listed my products one at a time – And without any kind of sku’s or UPC codes. My products grew across eCommerce sites to Ecjwid, Facebook, Bonanza Etsy, Amazon and Walmart.
My Hot Mess – my company was growing, but I could not keep up when it came to listing products, after a year I only had 255 listings on Walmart instead of 1600 listings. Then it became difficult to figure out what was listed where, because I had no way keeping track of anything.
Drowning – I felt like I was drowning. Trying to keep up with product listings- which was taking me about 30 minutes to list a single item, hopping from site to site and entering the same information for 1 product over and over. I spent 3 years trying to get everything on all sites and was only about 50% of the way there. I realized I needed HELP!
Other Ecommerce Platforms – I then tried TWO other ecommerce platforms that said they would do everything to help me sync my products and get them on all my ecommerce selling sites. THEY LIED. All I got was a do it yourself site and a big fat bill. I was very discouraged at this point. If I had time to do it myself, I would Have.
eChannelhub – At this point I was very skeptical on trying another platform, but still desperately needed help. That is when I came across echannelhub. I am small family owned business consisting of myself and my two daughters, I do not have time or money to waste like I had before, so when I say I was skeptical to reach out for help from another platform I meant that wholeheartedly. I spent 3 months talking and e-mailing echannelhub before I signed on with them.
Eye of the Storm – Keep in mind, I seriously had chaos going on with my business, and listings. To be honest in the beginning it was very stressful. I am control freak and not being able to fix things myself drove me crazy. There were issues along the way, which is to be expected when you are pretty much taking 5 accounts that have products on them and trying to merge them into one stream lined account.
The Storm is over –  Aryan and his team stepped in quickly to help me get organized.
They had to hand coded my listings one at a time and fix all my product images. Thanks to Aryan and his team, my products now have Sku numbers and the descriptions of my products are all the same regardless of what site you are purchasing them form.
Rainbow – My Walmart account went from 255 listings to the full 1600 – this would have taken me several more years to accomplish. I can now list a new product once! I add it to their site, and they optimize the listing for each of the market places and post them for me. I all so can instantly monitor my inventory instead. They have made managing new listings a breeze, reducing my stress and saving me so much time, which I can now spend on running my business.
Customer Service – Words cannot describe the level of customer service that Aryan has and still provides to me. It is simply unbelievable. If I ask a question, he typically answers it in detail in a matter of minutes. He all so makes recommendations on how to better my company and well he always goes above and beyond my expectations.

Recommendation – I would recommend eChannelHub to any business whether you are currently on multiple selling sites, or just getting started. They didn’t just help me through my storm, but they turned out to be my pot of gold at the end of my rainbow.

– Mel Stark

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

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Request a Demo

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

Learn more about eChannelHub with a free demo, tailored for your unique retail business

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