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Amazon A+ Content – How To Use It For Increasing Your Amazon Sales


Amazon is one of the biggest platforms to grow your ecommerce business. However, as there is a stiff competition among the retailers, you may have taken different steps for success. Most of the sellers rely on the multi-channel selling software or order management tools to simplify their business activities. However, Amazon itself has also released a new tool for the registered vendors. The first-party Amazon vendors can take the advantages of Amazon A+ content.

Different ways to use Amazon A+ Content

Your listings have to stimulate interaction among the customers. It will increase the chance of making your products visible in the search results in future. With clear photos, reasonable pricing, concise titles and product relevancy, you will gain the attention of customers. You will have more clicks on your items.

Add more information on your product with A+ content

You may have created a normal page for your business. Now, it is the right time to turbocharge the page with the use of Amazon A+ content. However, most of the sellers do not know the way of using it. Thus, read our guide to deal with A+ content. Basic A+ Pages have become free and unlimited to you. To earn higher revenue, you may add Premium standard A+ modules. These modules help you to improve the content quality and present the most engaging information to the users.

A+ Content helps you to compose the comprehensive descriptions of your items. You may add sharper images, better videos, comparison charts and different other things. You will be able to make your brand more prominent and convey your product values to the potential customers.

Purchasing the right module for your business

To start using A+ Content, you have to go through the following steps –

Enter your details for logging into Vendor Central. There is a Merchandising Tab, where you can find the option- A+ Detail Pages.You have two different module options-

You have two different module options-

  • Amazon Builds for You
  • Self-Service

When you have clicked on Self-Service, you will reach another page. Input the ASIN for your chosen product. Then, add the descriptive project name to that page. You may also include the details on product title.

Now, you have to create the layout for your page by using different elements. In total, 12 modules are available for you, and you can find out the best one for your products. You have an option of choosing 5 modules for every product page.

Pick the right styles and upload the content and images. Have a preview of the layout to know whether the customers are able to see your product details. Review this page, adjust some parts and create the perfect one.

At the last step, you can buy A+ content by clicking on Add To Cart button.
Amazon Builds for You is another choice to you, and you have to upload your content file after entering ASIN. In most cases, Amazon takes a week for approving your submission of A+ content.

To sum up, we have listed the features that you must add to your product page with Amazon A+ Content module:

  • 360 degree HD images
  • A very concise overview
  • Bulleted list of product benefits and technicalities
  • HD video of the product
  • FAQs
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Comparison chart

Now, we can conclude that Amazon A+ Content presents you with different cool features. The price for Amazon Builds For You is a bit higher, as Amazon manages the layout and design. Thus, invest on Premium A+ Content and earn more as an Amazon seller.

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