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Amazon Advertising: The Amazon Brand Store


The vast Amazon Marketplace makes a potential seller, or a brand owner feel that he could earn a lot from this platform. However, the stiff competition has made it tough for the brand owners to distinguish their brand from that of the competitors. The good news is that Amazon always thinks of offering innovative ways for empowering them to develop the brand identity. Now, to create a storefront for displaying your products, you can rely on the Amazon Brand Store. It’s one of the self-service products, enabling you to develop your multi-page Amazon stores for showcasing your value proposition, brands and products.

Are you eligible to develop Amazon Brand Store?

Amazon’s Storefront, one of the intuitive products, comprises customizable and pre-formatted layouts for all Amazon 3P and 1P merchants. Amazon Store works as a substitute to your Amazon Pages. It also presents you with several options and contents. The best fact is that for every product line, you will be able to create a dedicated page. By using high-definition video and different other features, you can differentiate your brand.

There is another big advantage, offered by Amazon Brand Store. It presents you with dedicated links, accessible to anyone. Thus, you may link your Amazon Store to Amazon marketing program. It means that the link is useful for the campaigns, outside the platform of Amazon.

Amazon Brand Store Builder includes 4 different sections

  • Tile Manager- For adding, moving, editing and removing tiles from your Store.
  • Preview Window- For presenting a view of your page status
  • Page Manager- For creating, selecting and deleting pages from Store
  • Status Bar- For adding the Store’s moderation status. You will also find an error message on this bar.

Amazon Store- What benefits do the brand owners get?

  • Increase your brand visibility- Google can index your keywords, and you will get organic traffic.
  • Your products easily become identifiable to the customers.
  • You will get a chance of elaborating your own brand story. You can personalize your Brand Store.
  • You can own a microsite inside Amazon for adding videos and slideshows.

Ways to optimize your Amazon Brand Store

  • Choose appealing and eye-catching header images that align with the brand guidelines.
  • As your Store has several pages with footer, header and content ties, you have to focus on different categories for every page.
  • Promote your Amazon Store across other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram

Now, build your Amazon Brand Store and start earning revenues. Creating a multi-page store is very easy for Amazon sellers. You may also take advantage of Amazon Stores Insights. It helps you in knowing the number of sales, everyday visitors and page views. Try to get traffic from various sources and make your Amazon Store profitable.


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