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Essential Tips for Selling on Etsy


Etsy has evolved as a lucrative platform for sellers worldwide. It’s a great marketplace for artists and crafters from all over the world to showcase and sell their creative creations. However, having a successful run on Etsy is more than just starting your shop. You also need to possess the necessary entrepreneurial skills in order to make your business stand out. There are new strategies, concepts, and terminologies developed every day, and it might feel quite daunting to set up your first online business. If you want to create your mark with your Etsy store, here are some tips that might help you with that:

  • Before anything else, do your research well. Think about the kind of products you want to sell, how to price them properly, who your competitors are under that category, and so on. Look around at your favourite Etsy stores and see what it is that they’re doing right. Also make notes of the changes you’d like to see. Gather all the essential details before starting your own project.
  • Customers will find your shop while they’re searching on the internet. Hence, it’s very essential for your store to be SEO-friendly. From your brand name to the product titles and descriptions, make sure to use keywords that you think are the most likely to be searched for. Do a quick research as to which of the keywords are the most relevant and famous in that domain, and add them accordingly. After a few days, check which of the keywords are getting attention, and remove the ones that aren’t. Mix them up once in a while based on their popularity and relevance.
  • Your product photos are the first thing a customer will notice about your store. Therefore, it’s imperative that these photos are up to the mark. Posting quality photos is of utmost important. You need to make sure that your product is clearly visible and not crowded with too many unnecessary props or items. You don’t necessarily have to invest in a high-end camera to take the best photos, because even a standard phone camera works just fine. If in case you’re a novice when it comes to taking photographs, you can always look up some basic tips online. With time, you will learn which camera angles and backgrounds work best for you, and use those to take your photos.
  • Try to think like a brick-and-mortar store. For example, there are times when you walk into a store and it’s so thoughtfully crafted and well-designed that you almost have the urge to buy everything at once. This is the kind of effect you need to aim to have on your customers. Display a selection of products that look like they belong together. Offer a range of products at various price points that will appeal to all kinds of customers. This will encourage multiple purchases and also get people to keep coming back to your store. Even if you focus on just one product type, try making it available in different colours and materials. You can also have a section dedicated to those who’d gift like to purchase gifts for their loved ones. Lastly, when you add a banner, make sure it’s one that complements your product design and matches your brand.
  • Keeping the customer happy is one of the key points of any business. See to it that your customer service is top-notch. Reach out to them every now and then, be interactive, and send out emails and newsletters. If they have questions, be there to answer them and solve their queries. If they have issues with a certain product, try solving it in as hassle-free a manner as possible. If your customers are happy and satisfied with their service, then half the battle is won.
  • Social media is the best way to get the attention of anyone and everyone, and you should totally use it to promote your store. Create profiles of your shop on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and post as much as you can. This is not only a great way to market your brand and products, but also to interact with your buyers and potential customers. Keep them engaged, and maybe do things like talking to them about your creative process. People love it when they get to see the person behind the brand, and this will surely encourage them to buy your products.
  • We all love receiving packages, but do you know something that will truly differentiate your Etsy store from the rest? It’s having creative, classy packaging. You can try to personalize and customize your packages every now and then, because this will add a touch of your brand’s personality to the packaging. Make it more than boxes and envelops, because Etsy is full of creative sellers, and it never hurts to be more creative than others.
  • It might be tempting to be like the shops or brands you love, but what is important is to make your store distinct. It should have an air of its own, and one way of doing so is by creating a unique logo that you can use for your ads, listings, and packaging. This will help establish your shop as a legit presence in the community and exhibit the high quality of your items. Make yourself a part of the community, interact with your fellow sellers, provide commendable service, and basically do everything that proves that you’re here to stay.


It takes quite a while before your Etsy store comes into the limelight. Make a plan, and set attainable goals. Have a very clear idea in your head as to where you want to be a few months or a year from the starting point, and work towards that goal. Remember these tips and follow them to make sure your time as a seller on Etsy is a successful one.

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