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Etsy SEO Tips To Improve Product Visibility


It has now become very easy to sell our handmade items through online platforms. Most of us choose Etsy as the best channel for selling crafts online. You may have created your Etsy account and set up your store. However, it does not always mean you will start earning instantly. To optimize Etsy listings and to make your products more visible, you need to learn SEO tricks. You have to know how Etsy works and how the customers are using it.

Make sure that your listings are very attractive

Your listings have to stimulate interaction among the customers. It will increase the chance of making your products visible in the search results in future. With clear photos, reasonable pricing, concise titles and product relevancy, you will gain the attention of customers. You will have more clicks on your items.

Add keywords to the tags

You know that these tags offer you a chance of using the search terms. At Etsy, you have a choice of adding 13 tags to the items. The length of every tag can be within 20 characters.

Format the title rightly

The title has to be precise and clear. It is always better to place the keywords at the beginning of the title. Do not forget putting the category in the title. For instance, while you are selling wristwatches, you may list the product in the wristwatch subcategory.

Fill in all the available attribute fields

There are attribute fields for every category of products, sold by you. For instance, the wooden furniture sellers have to add information on the color, style and other details. Thus, fill out all the attributes and increase your chance to win the competition.

Deal with About section properly

This is another important section for better search ranking. By writing this section flawlessly, you can add professionalism to your stores. The customers may feel confident in purchasing items from you. Your information in this section will also affect your search results.

Avoid using any creative name

Some sellers apply their creativity to name the handmade products at their store. However, shoppers do not use these names to search for items. Still, if you are using these unique names, you must include them in the listing.

Getting positive feedback from customers

Etsy will surely push your items to a higher rank while you have the best record of providing customer assistance. Thus, you have to interact with customers regularly, package your products properly and respond to the complaints to have a better rank at Etsy.

Renew your older items

Product renewal is the best option when you have no new item to add. You have to renew the product, while it is sold out. For every renewal, Etsy can charge you 20 cents. However, you will enjoy a higher search result ranking.

So, now as we have shared various SEO tips for Etsy sellers, you may use Etsy inventory management tool and software to deal with your products easily. It is also essential to use SEO tools, like Etsy Stats, Etsy Gadget and Etsy Rank.

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