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Here’s How to Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019


As one of the new or established Amazon sellers, you may be familiar with different advertising terms. Now, we are going to introduce you to Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest shopping events. Most of the Amazon sellers wait for the grand shopping event that usually starts in the month of July every year. Being an Amazon’s Prime member, you will get the opportunity to take part in this event. This Prime Day has created more buzzes than Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. Let us guide you to have the optimized value from Amazon’s Prime Day.

Amazon’s Prime Day event enables you to enjoy a 2-day free shipping opportunity on several items. You will also get easy access to the photo storage, Prime Video and different things. Every year, this summer event breaks the standard sales record of the past year.

Amazon does declare the date of the event in advance. This platform reveals it just a few days before the beginning of the event. However, in most cases, it is on 15th or 16th July. In 2018, the event has continued for 36 hours. Amazon’s Prime Day 2019 may or may not be longer than that.

Take preparation in advance

As one of the e-commerce sellers at Amazon, your first step is to inform the customers that your store is going to offer fantastic deals on various products. With social media advertising, SEO and different other techniques, you can spread the information. It will help customers to make a decision on availing your offers.

Ensure that your inventory has lots of products

To make the holiday season more lucrative, you need to have a good stock of products. Without a vast stock, you will not be able to fulfil the order of your customers.

Know various ways of participating in the event

Amazon vendors and sellers can choose any of the following ways to take part in Prime Day event.

Lightning Deals

These are promotions, prominently appearing on the page of Amazon Deals for four hours. Most of the sellers, offering these Deals, have found an increase in sales.

Not all sellers have the opportunity to get value from Lightning Deals. You should have a Professional Seller Account, and your overall ratings from user feedback must be minimum of 3.5 stars. Your products should also fulfil the Lightning Deals criteria.

Amazon Coupons

It is another way of grabbing Prime Day shoppers’ attention. The coupons with prominent discount labels make your products more visible to the customers, looking for cheaper deals. The shoppers may find your coupons on the – natural search results, Brand Store, shopping cart, product pages and Sponsored ads.

Deal of the Day

It runs for 24 hours, and only the vendors will be able to avail this promotional activity. You must have the best stocks for fulfilling several orders throughout a day. You can use the order management tool to simplify your tasks.

Thus, follow our guide to get more values from your participation in Amazon Prime Day 2019. Avoid all the pitfalls and have an increase in your sales.

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