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How eChannelHub Makes Inventory Management Easier


Managing product inventory is tough as it is, and more so if you’re selling across multiple platforms. Comparing the various shopping sites isn’t an easy job, and it can not only consume a lot of your time, but also create unnecessary hurdles. We at eChannelHub understand the important of inventory management, and hence, with our inventory management tool and software, you will be able to achieve complete control of your inventory in every warehouse, and across every channel. We value your time and the need to grapple with such issues, and eChannel aids you in just that.

eChannelHub offers inventory management features such as multi-warehouse support, open API access, individual user permissions, and inventory transaction history. You can access all of it through a simple-to-learn interface.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

With eChannelHub having your back, you can focus all your attention on selling. The inventory management is done in a way such that it is perfectly in sync across all your channels. For example, once an item is won through an eBay auction, the news of the decline of this item’s stock will be sent to all of your channels, including Amazon, Etsy, as well as your own storefront and all other sales channel where you are listing your products via eChannelHub. If an item doesn’t have any more stock, all the listings for that item will be ended till you acquire a fresh, new shipment.

We also provide you with solid features such as showing only fractions of your actual stock, calculating safety stock, or even aggregating stock in multiple locations, thereby enabling you to focus on selling instead of worrying about logistics.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Inventory Management

Our FBA inventory management assists you in syncing your FBA quantities along with your merchant-fulfilled quantities across all your channels. The automatic inventory adjustments we provide between us and Amazon maintains the accuracy of your stock levels. This enables you to unlock your sales potential to its fullest.

Constant Inventory Sync

eChannelHub provides you with automatic and continuous inventory syncing so that you don’t have to worry about overselling. Our cloud-based inventory management software is operational all day long, and is functional even between your mini breaks. As soon as a sale takes place, the quantities are automatically adjusted, and the available inventory gets synced across every channel. Our customised inventory rules help you attain a competitive edge. With our multichannel inventory management feature, you will be able to simulate stock scarcity, show heavy stock, or even keep a reserve.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Managing your inventory across multiple warehouses is made easy with eChannelHub. You will be in complete control as you will have access to prioritising your warehouses by channel. Additionally, you will also be able to automate order routing between various warehouses and fulfillment partners. Sophisticated, real-time integrations to support ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems will be made possible with our plug-in architecture.


The setup for inventory management is completely on us, and is thoroughly professional. You’re guaranteed to get world-class support services, dedicated account managers, and ongoing assistance at every step of the way. Be it syncing multichannel orders, automated tracking of orders and shipping, or an in-depth performance report of your product sales, eChannelHub will provide you with everything you need. This also includes the creation and printing of packing lists and shipping labels. There is no setup fee, hidden costs, or nasty surprises you need to worry about. eChannelHub doesn’t believe in binding you with contracts or obligations, for you’re free to cancel at any given time.

Neither are we in favour of commission on sales nor rigid, long-term contracts. Flexible payment terms that suit the needs and budgets on both the parties is what our company is more invested in. Our multichannel inventory management system lets you simplify the growth of your business, providing you with tools to expand your empire across new channels, while also aiding you to sweep into the international markets. Once you get associated with eChannelHub, the smooth process of our inventory management is sure to pave the way for improved performances and resultant profits in your business.

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  • Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

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    Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with eChannelHub

    Learn more about eChannelHub with a free demo, tailored for your unique retail business

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