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How To Decide Which Online Sales Channel To Sell Your Products On


As one of the online retailers and e-store owners, you may be familiar to the term, multichannel sales. It is one of the effective tactics to sell your products through different online platforms and marketplaces. That is why most of the digital storeowners rely on Multi Channel Product Listing Software to simplify their activities. You know that the online world has several channels to help you in your sales. However, not all channels fit for your business. Now, we have presented you with a precise guide to choose the right online sales channel for your business.

Auction style marketplace

When we talk about this type of sales channel, eBay comes first to our mind. The auction-style selling approach has made it different from others. While you are selling collectibles or rare items, you may choose this platform. You will get free service for listing up 50 products per month. You can rely on Global Shipping Program to draw customers from other countries. However, in case of the low bidding rate, you will not get full value from your product. You must know eBay guidelines to the way of listing and posting the products. Other channels, similar to eBay, are eBid, uBid and AuctionZip.

Social network- The trendy sales channel

The online retailers are now taking the advantage of Facebook Store. They can integrate this store with their ecommerce website for selling through their Facebook page. If you have several Facebook followers, you may choose this channel. You will also get sales opportunities from Instagram and Pinterest. At Pinterest, you can find a special feature- Shop the Look Pins. This feature helps in promoting the products. Instagram sellers will also get value from Product Tag, which helps buyers in purchasing the products, displayed at the platform.

Sales channel for crafts and handmade items

To sell your crafty products and handmade items, you can rely on Etsy. The buyers at Etsy will value your unique products. Thus, Etsy will help you in growing your business. However, you have to pay a listing fee for every item. Etsy accepts different payment modes, including Apple Wallet and PayPal. You can easily enable the buyers to buy your products. Other similar websites for you are Craftsy and Zibbet.

General marketplace

One of the popular and biggest marketplaces for you is Amazon. You can reach your business to the global standard as one of the third-party vendors at Amazon. You may rely on FBA program or choose to ship the products on your own. However, you must follow guidelines to create your product pages at Amazon.

Classified Listings

Free listing is one of the best features of Craigslist. When you buy a product to resell it at a higher rate, you may choose Craigslist. However, for sellers and buyers, there is no strong protection against the risk of scam.

Now, you can start searching for the sales channel, right for your business. Find out the best platform for sales and use a tried and tested Multichannel Inventory Control/listing Software like eChannelHub to manage your online business easily which is empowering sellers since 2014.

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