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Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Black Friday Sales


Black Friday is one of the biggest days for online retailers to showcase their brand and experience the biggest profits. This crucial shopping event of the year started as apart of the American culture, and has now been imbibed by the entire world. With the holiday season approaching, customers look for products not just for themselves, but also gifts that they can give to their loved ones. Since online shopping has become a worldwide phenomenon, it’s no surprise that reports suggest that only 55% of the shoppers actually visit a store, and that in 2017, nearly $7.9 billion was spent on online purchases for Black Friday alone. With online merchants striving to make the best of this opportunity, read on to jot down some marketing strategies you can employ in order to increase your Black Friday sales.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Use for Black Friday

  1. The landing page of your website is what the customers see first. So, make your Black Friday offers visible there so that the buyers are immediately drawn to it. Keep the landing page festive and engaging. Targeted landing pages often convert better than a homepage, and this is exactly what you need to take advantage of to promote your Black Friday sales.
  2. Surveys suggest that 62% of products are brought using a mobile phone. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make your website mobile-friendly. It’s a bonus if your store already has an app. Customers prefer if the purchase procedure is made easier, with as few clicks involved as possible. The mobile version of your website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  3. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your store. Send relevant emails while making sure not to go over-the-top with your frequency. Provide links in your emails that land people to your page. You can also try email popups and subscription popup windows to make people aware of your Black Friday discounts and offers.
  4. Social media is the strongest tool at our disposal. Use this strategically to your benefit. Post about your upcoming Black Friday extravaganzas by organising contests and the like. Make your Instagram and Facebook posts informational as well as interactive so that the buyers are well aware in advance to check out your store on Black Friday. Feature product reviews on all your digital platforms. This not only creates a positive vibe, but also helps in making your company feel more trustworthy.
  5. Giving someone a discount on their first order is yet another strategy you should totally make use of on the occasion of Black Friday. With the festive season around the corner, many will be looking for eclectic gift options. Give them just that by offering gift cards. This will serve immensely in enhancing your sales. Also, arrange special rewards for those who recommend your site to their friends and family. This acts as a great incentive for potential buyers to promote your page.
  6. The ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ feature is becoming increasingly popular among online stores. It allows customers to shop on credit without having to share the details of their credit card. For those wishing to settle payments working around their monthly salaries, this comes in as a handy and efficient option. Use this as a part of your Black Friday marketing strategy to let your customers purchase without the stress of having to pay immediately, by using the customer credit limit extension.


You should always look up records from previous years to know about the items that usually get sold out, customer behavior, etc. Dig up the business notes, analytics, and other reports from last year to create an estimate as to how you should organise your current strategies. Also, do little things like changing your website’s theme to cater to Black Friday’s colour scheme and design. You can either hire designers to create banners or images, or also get custom design themes from website design companies.Black Friday is the time when people from across the globe rush to invest in home décor, clothes, household items, and a variety of other products. So, make complete use of this chance to boost the sales of your company and make enormous profits

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