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Ways to Improve Your Amazon Seller Rating


When it comes to selling products on Amazon, seller rating is one of the most important factors. Your seller feedback and rating highly affect your Amazon search listings. If you have great feedback, it will place you in a good search position, and poor feedback will cause your listings to plunge. This feedback isn’t related to your products, but is about you as a seller. It’s connected to how you deal with things like shipping fulfilment and the like. Some sellers often accept mediocre feedback saying that customers can be wrong and it’s not worth their time to achieve a better feedback. However, that’s not the right approach. Your sales volume can drop even after one or two bad ratings, and it’s always wise to get back to the customer, especially if their complains are legitimate. So, if you’re looking to improve your Amazon seller rating, here are some of the tips to follow in order to achieve that.


  • Customer satisfaction is the primary motto of any business. If your customers are happy, your brand continues to shine regardless. Therefore, make sure to always address their concerns. Most of the people who post a negative feedback do so because they expect a reaction to their anger. Show them that you’re invested in solving their issues, and do it sincerely. Be it concessions, returns, or refunds, don’t be stingy in handling them, and assure your customers that you will solve their problems to the best of your abilities.
  • Of course there will be certain people who leave a negative review even if what they are complaining about is probably related to their own fault. In such scenarios, you can ask Amazon to step in and delete the negative feedback. This is possible in the following cases: If the review contains offensive words, if it refers to a fulfillment issue on an FBA account, if a comment reveals a seller’s personal details, or if a complain is about a product and not the seller. These are applicable under certain conditions. Even if you can’t get the comment deleted, just reply politely so that the other buyers can hear your side of the story as well.
  • While not everyone likes to pen down an elaborate negative review, there are some who are also slightly shy or lazy to post something, be it neutral or positive. As a seller, you must try and chase these customers to get them to voice out their opinions. Perhaps write them an email or show them that you truly value their thoughts. Positive comments from happy customers are one of the easiest ways to increase your seller rating.
  • Many of the negative comments come in from customers who say that the product wasn’t what they were expecting. Product descriptions need to be crisp and direct, and misleading or inaccurate descriptions can often lead to disappointed buyers. If you’re getting a lot of similar feedback, revisit your product to see whether the writeup, images, videos, and the like, all clearly convey details about the item.
  • It’s often the little things that add up to create a big mess. For example, flaws like out-of-stock items still being listed, shipments arriving late, the wrong colour or size being sent, etc. Pay attention to these small details, especially when it comes to shipping. Amazon is known for its high-class service, and it’s necessary you maintain your standards according to that.


Your Amazon seller rating is not only dependent on the quality of your products, but also the quality of your service, and it’s your customers who determine this. Ask for their feedback once they’ve received the product, send out surveys, or maybe even include a little reminder for them to leave a feedback after getting the item. One sour feedback can make others apprehensive as well, whereas one positive comment can increase their confidence in you as a seller. Hence, employ all these tips to achieve a high seller rating on Amazon.

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