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What Should You Know About eBay Search Engine Cassini?


All the eBay sellers compete with each other to earn higher revenue from their investment. They use the multichannel listing tool and apply different other techniques to reach their targets. As eBay has created a search-oriented marketplace, the sellers focus more on the search placement. They try to use the relevant keywords for listing titles and rely on the best listing tool for marketplaces. However, at present, the introduction of Cassini by eBay has transformed everything. To grab a better position in the eBay search result, you have to apply different tactics.

Cassini works as an internal search engine for eBay. Whether you are a new or an established eBay seller, you must know everything about Cassini. While you are serious about increasing your profit from eBay sales, you have to learn about this engine. We may compare Cassini to the search engines, like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Cassini helps in collecting the data on the human search, the purchasing pattern and engagement. We can say three things about Cassini-

  • Value-driven- Relevance, Convenience, Value and Trust- these are the major aspects of Cassini engine.
  • Data-driven- Cassini engine is not just about listing titles. eBay presents you with a vast amount of data, related to market trends, buyer choices, and performance standard of sellers.
  • Shopper-focused- The major purpose of creating Cassini is to serve eBay buyers. The sellers will also get benefit from it in future. eBay ensures convenience of shoppers, their values, returning results and trust development between buyers and sellers.

What does Cassini engine track?

While the potential customers visit eBay to search for a product, Cassini tracks –

  • The listings clicked by them
  • The listings watched by them
  • Images enlarged by them
  • Purchased items
  • Duration of viewing an item

Now, let us see what Cassini tracks about the sellers. When you sell products at eBay, Cassini will track your-

  • Return policies
  • Shipping policies
  • Quickness of response to the customers’ queries
  • Product description
  • Quality of the product photos
  • Delivery times
  • Pricing
  • Price level to start bidding
  • Ratio of click-through to sell-through rates

Thus, Cassini is constantly watching you and allot the scores to your listings, based on the fulfillment of criteria.

Cassini focuses on the following things for assigning scores to the listings-

  • Specifics of items
  • Their titles
  • Catalogs
  • Category

You must avoid the below activities to prevent any negative effect on your ranking.

No stuffing of keywords- You may have thought of adding different keywords to your listings. You may not face direct penalty for it. Although it will make your listings appear on every search, you will not get any outcome. In due course, it will push your rankings downward.

No low-quality image- While your photos are not appealing, big and clear, the potential customers will overall them.

No irresponsible customer service- To win the competition, you have to be customer-friendly all the time.

No category stuffing- You must not choose different categories for listing.

Thus, the above steps will help you to get more scores from Cassini engine. Learn more about Cassini and grow your business on eBay.

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